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Gary S. Chilton |  Founding Partner

Gary S. Chilton | Founding Partner

Stephen R. Johnson |  Partner

Stephen R. Johnson | Partner

Gideon A. Lincecum |  Partner

Gideon A. Lincecum | Partner

Ryan Haynie |  Associate

Ryan Haynie | Associate

Dylan D. Erwin |  Associate

Dylan D. Erwin | Associate

James W. Dobbs |  Of Counsel

James W. Dobbs | Of Counsel

Cheryl P. Hunter |  Of Counsel

Cheryl P. Hunter | Of Counsel

David H. Dobson |   Of Counsel

David H. Dobson | Of Counsel

Lindy Spencer |  Legal Assistant, Paralegal

Lindy Spencer | Legal Assistant, Paralegal

Christina Burgess |  Legal Assistant, Paralegal

Christina Burgess | Legal Assistant, Paralegal